just for clarity

in case it wasn't clear, i just wanted to make sure.  no more posts will be added here on blogger.  any family related posts will now be listed under the "mayhem" tab on www.dgirlfriday.com

please bookmark that site and remove this one.



ready for traffic

I have a real dot com.  It has some content now.  I think it and its bare bones are ready to be seen.  ENTER at your own risk.


sticks and stones

constructive criticism is a tricky thing.  words aren't supposed to hurt, are they?  but they do.  i wish somehow i could change that switch inside of me that allows that to happen. 

this job-hunting process is becoming such a chore, and more torturous than anticipated.  the process started back in september of last year and there's no telling when it will end.  our last interview was towards the end of february.  they have chosen to hire "the other guy".  and the feedback we received is that i'm too intrusive, not interactive enough at dinner, and the talk of the alabama situation was too negative.  i wish i knew what to change.  i guess i have control issues.  it's so tough to find people that will accept you as you are.

as the hunt continues, with no clue of when we will find permanency, i think my faith is waning.  it would be nice if someone could tell me what we are meant for, where we could be of some help, and what is in store for us.


to create, or not to create...

i am now the proud owner of a domain name.  i'm not sure what that means yet.  i've had visions and sugarplum dreams of having my own fabulous, highly trafficked website for years now.  too bad i haven't put much effort into it.  i've collected color schemes, graphics, ideas, etc.  but i haven't put any of them to much use.  and now that i actually have some skeleton of something that i can add content to, i feel stuck.  i originally wanted to share all this info that sits in my brain.  all the hours i spend researching a topic until i've beat it to death...i wanted to find some way of helping someone else to avoid the same time consuming process.  but now i stare at the screen and wonder what i would even type that would be useful to someone?  the web has a plethora of sites that contain endless information.  what makes me think that i could actually put something out there that someone couldn't find somewhere else?


marzism #73092

marz: that friend of yours, that was just in the car, was he in the street show?
luigi: what street show?

marz: the street show that we watched at the church that you guys were in
luigi: you mean the youth roadshow?

marz: yeah, that one.


marzism passed on

topeka returned from her trip to utah last night and of course everyone wants a piece of her.  marz won't leave her side and luigi wants the scoop on every detail of her trip. 

in discussion last night as marz was getting ready for bed, the marzism from yesterday came up.  we told topeka what the original question was and her response was...

"well, are there birds in china?"

the doc and i just looked at each other and burst out laughing...


marzism #28401

marz: mom, do they have birds in china?
me: yes

marz: well, it just doesn't seem like there could be birds in china
me: why is that?

marz: i just don't know of any birds that are called chinese birds